What Foundry Services Are Available?

Foundry services are required for the making of brass and bronze items. Brass is one of the preferred metals to use when casting. When you have found a good foundry, you will notice that the items you have cast are of high quality. There are many benefits of using a foundry. First, the heat is stable and consistent, making the process easier.

Metal will be polished and the colours will be preserved

Using this method means that the metal will be polished and the colours will be preserved. You can also have high quality surfaces with a high gloss. When working with bronze and brass, the high temperatures make these metals the perfect candidate for the casting of tools and implements. Copper will also be effective as a casting metal. It is highly resistant to corrosion and malleability, which make it suitable for making copper implements.

Brass and bronze

A variety of different shaped tools can be made from brass and bronze. You can find a wide range of jewellery, knives, swords, badges, handcuffs, wreaths and much more. Using a foundry to make these items allows you to have the edge over your competitors. With the help of professionals you will be able to cast metal in any shape that you require. There are also foundry services available for iron, aluminium and steel.

Work with high alloy content

When you are creating items from metal, it is best to work with a high alloy content. This will ensure that the metal will be strong and malleable. Working with higher alloy content metals means that the finished product will have a better surface. Cast metal can also be used for a variety of different applications. It can be used for making frames for furniture, gates, frames for storage containers, car parts and many more.

Include shaping, coating and tempering

Some of the foundry services that are available include shaping, coating and tempering. Shaping allows you to create items that have a round, oval or a square shape. This can be used for items such as: clocks, table tops, cutlery and other household utensils and equipment. Coating allows you to coat metal with an individual colour. These can be used to give jewellery a specific colour or to create items that have a uniform colour for example: badges and ID cards.

Tempering is a process that helps to stiffen the metal. This allows it to be more durable and strong so that it can be used for a variety of different applications. Some of the foundry services that are used for this process include: stamping, welding and die forming. The properties of the metal that has been worked on will determine what process is used for it.

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