what are the Types Of Defense Differentiators?

Types Of Defense Differentiators

If you are a law enforcement officer, you may have been asked to wear something that is called a Defense Differentiator. This is worn so that you can easily identify yourself in the line of fire. These Defense Differentiators come in many different styles and are made from high-quality products. These items will be used by military police officers and the everyday guy that goes on a little fishing trip with his buddies on the weekends.


The goal of the Defense Differentiator

is to prevent Friendly Fire. This is a common occurrence in the line of duty and the FRAS Rifle Plates can help keep getting better results every day. You will be surprised at how many times we see friends or family members getting hit by errant bullets that are meant for the Defense Dog to protect them from. These Defense Differentiators will prevent friendly fire while allowing the operator to move around the plate carrier and keep being able to see where they are going. They also will keep the operator from getting shot while being able to stay focused on where they are going.


Defense Differentiators have come a long way

from their early inception. Originally there were just two options; leather or cloth. The leather was just a bit bigger and thicker but this was it. Today though there are more options than ever before.


One of the most popular Defense Differentiators is the Plated Bow Tie.

The reason these bow tie plated items are so popular is because they allow the operator to be able to place the Bow Tie anywhere in his or her belt. This allows the operator to be very mobile while staying out of the line of fire. Some of these plated Bow Tie devices even have laser engravings making them very nice looking. When the laser engraving is done it looks like something a law enforcement officer would use.


Another popular option for Defense Differentiators

is their wristbands. A wristband is made of either nylon or leather and they are used to denote that the person is on military service. These wristbands usually have a picture of an eagle or flag on one side and the word ” NAVY” on the other. These wristbands have been known to decrease crimes because people tend to think twice before they engage in criminal activities.


Defense Differentiators have come a long way

from their original invention. In the beginning, these were just simple devices to indicate what branch of the military one served in. However, as time has gone by the designs and styles of these Differentiators have changed. Now they are used to denote any unit that one served during their service or any other reason that someone may want to show off.

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