Weather, Time, and Music Festival Information For 2021

A music festival is an organized community event oriented toward live music performances

Both vocal and instrumental playing, which is usually presented with some theme like musical genres (e.g., jazz, blues, folk, classical), region, or local origin of performers. It usually starts in the evening and goes on until Sunday night, with extended afternoon concerts during the week. Music festivals can be annual, semi-annual, or perennial in nature. Most musical festivals emphasize the artistry and/or music rather than the music itself.

The first two issues I will address pertain to what to expect on your actual day of attendance at your chosen music festival. My first piece of advice is to arrive early, preferably around an hour before the actual show time. You can have better success planning your festival entertainment ahead of time by discussing what you would love to see and do with fellow music lovers. For example, if you are from Ohio, what to expect is almost certainly going to center around the Ohio Valley Music Fest in May, and the Ohio Country Music Festival in August. These are two very popular music festivals which draw a huge crowd from all across the United States and beyond.

What makes September the most exciting time for an Ohio music festival?

The second issue I will address pertains to what to expect once the music festival has completed. If you are attending any of the many music festivals across the US which take place in September, you will notice that the headliners are revealed just before the festival concludes on Sunday night, the same night as the Super Bowl. Although there is no shortage of great music at this end of the year, it does get exhausting to sit through the same acts every year. By contrast, the second weekend of September (the same weekend as Thanksgiving) provides several of the most exciting headliners available in Ohio. Headliners for the third weekend of the holiday season include the likes of Macy Gray and Ashanti, as well as J.J. Johnson and Ashanti.

The first two weekends in September to offer up some of the top entertainment possible, as the aforementioned Macy Gray and Ashanti headline stadiums across the state. Ashanti is the favorite in Cleveland, but the day also sees appearances from Ashanti and Akon, along with Logic, Cashmere, and Steely Dan. If you have not made it out to see any of these acts live, head to the local bars and restaurants in Cleveland during this time to find out what the buzz is about. It can be quite an event!


As for September, the summer season brings a host of music festivals across Ohio, with festivals ranging from the tiny South Shore Music Fest in Beachwood, Ohio to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Ohio Stadium Open Air Festival in Cleveland, which draws an audience of thousands. During the summer months, the weather in Ohio can be beautiful and pleasant, but it can also be hot and humid, which can influence the kind of shows that can be put on. This makes the early-season announcements by promoter Kip Kiper of WKRT (the festival later rebranded as XPYX) very important: he always announces acts that have sold out at venues, and those who are booked through the summer should be able to make it to this festival to ensure they’re going to have a good time. As an alternative to booking a summer show, festival-goers could choose to attend the second weekend in September instead, when temperatures are a bit lower.

And that’s just a snapshot of the music festivals that Ohio will have going on in the coming year. Check out our music blog for all the details, and get excited! There is no end to the variety of music festivals that Ohio has to offer. With the climate in the state being mild enough to enjoy almost any venue, it’s worth getting out there and discovering them. Keep track of the promotions and upcoming festivals in your local area, so that you won’t miss out on any great entertainment. This year is shaping up to be a really exciting one!

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