type of Body Armor and one type of tactical gear

Discounts on M.R.A.P.S. and Other Airsoft Accessories

In my military experience, I wore a turtleneck shirt with cargo pants, black boots, black combat boots with combat boots, and a face mask. The only other piece of clothing that I wore was a neck guard that went up over one ear. I used deodorant and a spray-on sunscreen to mask the odor that often came from body armor that kept me fresh and clean under my suit. The reality was, in war-like conditions, that wearing body armor would get hot and sweaty under your clothing. Whether it was while sitting in a patrol car or out in headquarters doing reports or being on a nightly call in an apartment of an elderly man who probably had the temperature set at a rather cool 98 degrees, sometimes I would still sweat underneath my body armor even while on patrol.


This was in Iraq

During operations, we used M.R.A.R.P.S. (Mobile Robotic Aerial Reconnaissance Processing System) to scan the area we were working in. The system uses infrared technology to scan anything that is above ground – including vehicles, people, and even trees. We used infrared scanning to look for signs of Hummamembers or other black helicopters, which are easily recognizable from the ground and are a great indicator of enemy activity above or below.


During these times we also wore a variety of tactical gear, primarily Body Armor

This consisted of heavy-duty shirts, gloves, and pants, plus other heavy-duty items such as knee pads, groin guards, and face shields. The reason for this is to be sure that if an individual does manage to penetrate our Body Armor, it is not so heavy that it crushes them to the point where they simply become anemic. But no matter how thick our Body Armor was, it always seemed like something was always going to penetrate – it wasn’t until I had a bad day at work that the odor became too strong that I decided to purchase an air purifier to help mask the odor that seemed to permeate every corner of my work environment.


The next time I went to work I did not wear my full body armor

Instead, I chose a full face mask which hid most of my face, except for my eyes, which were protected by a clear plastic mask. It was during my day off that I decided to check out the Body Armor clothing store to see if I could get a discount on my M.R.A.P.S. When I entered the store I noticed that there were only two choices – one type of Body Armor and one type of tactical gear.


I quickly noticed that the only vest on display

was the Body Armor vest, and I assumed that there were no other types of Body Armor or Tactic Gear available. As it turns out, there is a whole range of airsoft tactical gear with a wide variety of features. First, one can choose between body armor vests or vests and protective masks. One could also select from different sizes of M.R.A.P.S. (modular reactive armor) and different features such as night vision and GPS integration.


To be honest, this whole experience has been rather enlightening

and it has taught me a lot about airsoft and the airsoft tactical market. I do recommend that if you are looking to purchase a full Body Armor set, I would recommend that you check out some online retail stores and maybe even check local sporting goods retailers in your area. They will likely offer a greater discount on these items, and with the current economic climate, more retailers are jumping on the airsoft bandwagon and offering unique airsoft tactical gear at deep discounts.

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