Top Five Reasons Why Wholesale Electricity Sales Should Be Legal in Your State

A few years ago, the federal government made it illegal for companies to sell electricity at retail prices. However, the legislation left the door open for competition in the utility business. State legislatures and regulatory commissions have been considering whether to pass laws to allow wholesale electricity sales. This idea has gained support from academic economists, practical business people, and other interested parties. Here are some reasons why.

Listed below are the top five reasons why wholesale electricity sales should be legal in your state:


Efficiency. Many electricity end-uses use electricity more efficiently than before. Energy-efficient appliances are becoming increasingly common. For example, refrigerators, air conditioners, and stoves are now available that use less energy. Other energy-efficient technologies include hybrid and electric vehicles. You can also try insulating your building to reduce energy consumption. While a change in behavior might seem drastic, it will make a big difference to your bottom line.

The electric power industry is evolving from a regulated, controlled, and centralized market to a more dynamic one. New technology and increased consumer awareness will help consumers and businesses become energy prosumers. With their own equipment, they can produce obscure new products and services. Currently, frequency regulation is included in basic electric service, but future energy prosumers will be able to produce it and sell it back into the power grid. That means the electric business will be a competitive one.

The demand for electricity will decrease over the next few years. As the cost of energy goes down, businesses can focus on improving their energy efficiency. By reducing the amount of energy used, they can reduce their monthly bills and reduce their environmental impact. There are also numerous ways to improve energy efficiency in your buildings. For example, many businesses qualify for exemption from sales taxes on electricity. The public utility commission is actively promoting the use of energy-efficient devices and technologies.

energy-efficient devices and technologies

Increasingly, the electric power industry is becoming a dynamic market. Today, energy prosumers can produce energy and sell it back into the power grid. In the future, these changes will allow more companies to compete and increase efficiency. And in the meantime, governments will benefit as more consumers choose renewables over fossil fuels. There is an even greater demand for electricity. And this is where electricity prosumers can make a profit.

Increasing energy efficiency means that a company can reduce its power bill. By increasing energy efficiency, a business can also earn more profits. The average American household uses about 50 kWh per day, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. And the cost of the electricity produced by businesses in this country is comparatively low compared to other countries. But it is not cheap. And the prices are rising rapidly. And businesses need to increase their profit margins to survive.

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