Tips to Help Increase Travel Agent Leads

There is a lot of talk going around about the state of agencies these days. The economy has taken a bad turn everywhere, and it’s been this way for agencies too. With so many companies closing and people being laid off, why would you want to be an agency?


A good agency strategy

is one that involves both quality work and referrals. Well, the short answer to this is simple; go out there and gain them. Blogging is a great way to help solve your potential client’s problems. It is about identifying their pain points, identifying their needs, and developing content that truly resonates with their wants.


For agencies,

this involves businesses that are searching for: clients that need assistance. To obtain such clients, they have to put out the word that they need some help. They can’t just come out there and say “I need some more customers” like that. So what does that mean? A blog or article is a great way to let potential customers know that you have what they need. It’s the first step in generating inbound leads and potential customers.


Another key component

of this is getting your hands on as much referral traffic as possible. This is a form of free marketing if you take advantage of it. There is a term used within the Internet Marketing community that refers to this; vandalizing the traffic.



means contacting every possible person who you can think of in your field of work. Attracting a lead from a friend isn’t good enough for an agency. It takes more than that to attract quality clients and leads. Many agencies go so far as to hire social media experts who have the expertise required to attract customers through social media outlets.


A successful SEO campaign

is only as effective as the strategies that are employed. Using the right keywords in your copy, email campaigns, articles, blogs, etc will help increase your visibility among search engines. This can be the beginning of a great relationship with your prospective customers. If you’re not using this type of promotional initiative, you should consider doing so. If you do, you’ll see your SEO results skyrocket.


The key to online advertising

is having an integrated approach. A great way to attract new prospective customers is to post helpful tips, news, articles, etc on your website. Adding a Google Maps link to your website is also a great way to generate local traffic. Posting on industry-related forums is another great way to brand your agency. These actions will help increase your Google Places score and position your business in the search engine results.


The Travel Agency industry is highly competitive.

There are thousands of people competing for the same clients as you. To increase your sales, you must expand your reach and increase your chances of attracting quality clients. A great way to do this is through referrals. In this economy, clients are willing to pay a higher price to get referrals. By following a few simple steps you can significantly expand your travel agent leads and client base.

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