The Best Strip Clubs

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While many more experienced Vegas enthusiasts may be tempted to explore better hotel rates in the nearby suburbs, first time visitors to the “Cactus” often want to hit Las Vegas fast. With some of the biggest entertainment attractions in the world, Las Vegas is a high-energy and exciting place to visit. There are attractions for people of all ages. If you are interested in shopping, you will find an endless array of outlet malls and buildings offering everything from the finest designer labels to bargain shopping for everyday consumers. The famous Las Vegas strip has become the most well-known part of town, as millions of people flock to the casinos and clubs each year. When planning your trip to this urban oasis, there are several locations that are sure to enjoy with loveones.

One of the best neighborhoods in las Vegas for first time visitors is Fremont Street. Once known as the red-light district of town, this neighborhood offers a unique look at Las Vegas that is unlike any other. Visitors to this area will find an impressive collection of Victorian homes and lofts in the area, as well as some of the finest restaurants and hotels in the city. Enjoy a true showcase of the California culture by visiting the homes and businesses on Fremont Street. If you are looking for a first class hotel, the Paris Las Vegas Hotel is located in this very area.

visit to the strip is a guaranteed success

Although it is impossible to completely cover all of the entertainment possibilities in las vegas, there is one area that is absolutely critical to the best hotels and casinos in the city. This stretch of road, called the strip, runs along the southern edge of the Las Vegas Strip. It is a dazzling array of neon lit shops and neon filled bars that offer one of the best nightclub experiences in the world. Any visit to the strip is a guaranteed success if you include a night of drinking and gambling on one of the many strip joints.

Another must see part of the Las Vegas Strip is the Boulder Strip. If gambling is more your style, this is definitely the place for you. Considered by many to be the birth place of the Las Vegas gambling capitol, the Boulder strip houses some of the best casinos in the city. If you are looking for some cheap Vegas hotels, the Boulder is definitely a place to keep in mind. While the Boulder is not on the Las Vegas Strip, many hotels that line the Las Vegas Strip can also be found here.

the Las Vegas Strip bring visitors down the main Las Vegas boulevard

Just north of the Las Vegas Strip, the strip’s main thoroughfare, the Las Vegas Boulevard, cuts across the western edge of the Las Vegas Strip. Here you’ll find the world-class shopping, dining and nightlife experience that make las Vegas famous. In addition to the freeways, the boulevard has several luxury shopping malls, a major source of the high roller lifestyle in las vegas.

Finally, the best neighborhood in las vegas for the party animal is the Las Vegas Shoo Light District. The area is filled with restaurants, clubs and casinos featuring everything from lap dancing to heavy metal music and comedy clubs. There’s even a skateboard park. This area of town is filled with opportunities for fun for all ages. If you’re looking for a great high roller environment, the Shoo light district is a great place to start.


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