Starting a Utility Consulting Firm

What is a utility consultant and why would you want one for your business? A frequently asked question by potential customers. How much could it cost to update all of the water and sewer lines in your city, and is hiring a consultant the most cost effective way to do this? Many questions come to mind when we start to consider the benefits of having a utility consultant on staff. Below is some information on a few of the reasons we use consultants for certain services in our company.

utility consultant


What are utility consultants employed for? These professionals are hired to evaluate the way your company handles major projects such as installing new equipment, laying new pipes, or installing a new system that will improve customer service. This may be required in order to comply with local building codes. A utility consultant can make sure that your company complies with all building regulations in your area.


How do utility consultants earn their living? Some utility consultant companies work on a contract basis while others are on a freelance basis. Contractor companies usually pay utility consultants a fee per project, but some offer a percentage of the final bill or even get a cut of the profits. Freelance consultant positions can be found by searching on the Internet and in business directories such as the Yellow Pages. Once you find the consultant that best suits your needs, he or she will fill out an application and present you with a list of references that you can contact for further information.

Are there many types of these consultants? There are a number of different types of utility industry consultants including: technology consultants, construction engineers, and water/ sewer consultants. Each of these specialty categories represents their own distinct type of expertise. Technology consultants specialize in a specific technological area such as communications; construction consultants are responsible for building structures engineering; water/ sewer consultants will deal with the installation of new systems; and water/ sewer consultants are responsible for evaluating and implementing new systems.


Is this a challenging career? Yes, it certainly is. Utility consulting firms are growing in size every year, but they are typically small operations with just a handful of employees. If you have the entrepreneurial mindset and desire to help people make their lives better-at home and in the workplace-then you may want to consider starting your own consulting firm.

One option for beginning your own consulting firm is to partner with a technology consultants firm or another company that specializes in the utility industry. By partnering with one of these hybrid service providers, you will be able to provide a specialized, comprehensive service that addresses many of the issues that consultants in the past such as engineers and geologists could not address. Another benefit of becoming a partner with a technology or construction firm is that you will have access to a wider pool of specialized experts who are more likely to be familiar with your area of expertise. In addition, when you hire a hybrid consultant from a larger firm, you will be able to tap into their network of technicians, designers, and other consultants who can save you money over hiring your own internal staff.

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