Renewable Energy during New Generating Capacity: Three-Fold Increase From Last …

Renewable Energy during New Generating Capacity: Three-Fold Increase From Last …


Renewable generating ability in a US provides all new appetite for Jan 2013The latest Energy Infrastructure Update expelled yesterday by a Office of Energy Projects during a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission reports that a US had 1,231 megawatts (MW) of new in-service generating ability come online in Jan of 2013 – all of it from renewable sources including wind, solar and biomass. The new ability for Jan represents a three-fold boost from a 431 MW of new renewable generating ability that came online in January of 2012.

Wind appetite led a container with 6 new units providing 958 MW, followed by 16 new solar units generating 267 MW of electricity and 6 new biomass units for 6 MW of new generation. Nuclear, hydro and all hoary fuel sources, including coal, oil, and healthy gas offering no new electrical generating ability final month. 

Renewable continue their clever growth

Most generating ability still comes from spark and healthy gas, contributing 29.04 percent and 42.37 percent respectively. Generation from oil contributes usually 3.54 percent and chief provides 9.23 percent of sum ability in a US.

But renewable sources continue to suffer clever growth, now accounting for 15.66 percent of sum commissioned U.S. generating capacity. Broken into their sum parts, hydro provides 8.50 percent of sum capacity, breeze 5.17 percent, biomass 1.29 percent, solar 0.38 percent, and geothermal with 0.32 percent. “Generating capacity” is not a same as tangible generation. Actual net era from all renewable sources now totals approximately 13 percent, according to a US Energy Information Administration.

The trend is transparent says Ken Bossong, Executive Director of a SUN DAY campaign:

“Once again, renewable appetite sources have dominated a new electrical era market,” pronounced Bossong, “And once again, their fast enlargement demonstrates that a U.S. can accommodate a destiny appetite needs but resorting to dirtier sources such as chief appetite or a Keystone XL pipeline”

The SUN DAY Campaign is a non-profit investigate and educational classification founded in 1993 to foster tolerable appetite technologies as cost-effective alternatives to chief appetite and hoary fuels.

Image credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory, pleasantness flckr

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