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Using A Katana Correctly

It is important to be very careful when using A Katana for the purposes of self defense. Unlike other traditional Japanese weapons that have been domesticated to the point that many people can pick them up and use them without any training, the Katana is one of a kind. Not only is it a one handed sword but it is also one that has a special blade that is meant to be swung around by the bold and confident.


Recently I was watching some old Japanese TV shows where the characters used a katana that was very similar in appearance to the popular Wakizashi (swordsman’s sword) that is used in many movies today. It was fascinating to see how this older warrior would take his sword on a stroll down a city street and swing it at unsuspecting pedestrians. Then, when he got angry he could use the katana to great effect to bring down his opponents.


In Japan the sword is always carried with both hands (usually in the left handed style of karate). This means that when you are ready to execute a technique it is usually performed with the left foot, which is called the shin. With the right foot it is normally done to the right of the shinai. The reason for this is to ward off blows that are directed to the exposed side of the feet. If done correctly then the result can be that you execute the technique perfectly and your opponent will be rendered helpless!


In this video I want to show a couple of examples of the correct way to perform a kata. The first one I am going to show is the Takeuchi kata. In order to perform this kata you must understand that both the feet and both the weapons need to be completely relaxed. When both feet are relaxed the left leg will slowly bend down and the right leg will stand flat. When the distance between the feet is equal you will simply bend over and the left foot will pass through the right as in a motion.

The next example is the Rakan kata, which is about four feet long. Again the feet and both weapons need to be relaxed. Once the legs are relaxed, the torso will be upright like the Takeuchi kata but without the folded right leg. To execute this kata you must use both hands, the right hand on the hilt of the sword and the left on the blade. Once the sword is fully extended all you have to do is point the sword directly at your opponent and thrust.

Now, if you are a vendor or a ryu-kenta student and you want to become skilled at the martial art of Katana then you should attend a ryu-kenta training school. At the training school you will receive specialized swordsmanship training where you will learn how to effectively use both the blade and the hands. This will enable you to make accurate and powerful strikes from any distance. You will learn how to correctly block and parry and ward off attacks.

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