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Happy Dogs

People love dogs for many reasons. Some love the bond the dog provides while others love the company a dog can bring. Regardless of what your reasons are, owning a dog is a big responsibility and you need to know how to properly identify happy dogs. If you are considering bringing a new dog into your home it is important that you learn the tips and tricks of how to tell if a dog is happy or not.

pay attention to its attitude

One easy way to tell if a dog is happy is by paying attention to its attitude. Here are five signs that dogs exhibit to let you know how they feel. A dog showing these signs will be calm, relaxed, happy, alert, gentle, and eager to please. Pay close attention to these signs for other signs that dogs display to let you know how they feel.

body language

You can look for signs of happiness by looking at the body language of the dogs. Examine their legs and see if they move forward when you stroke their head or wag their tail. Also pay attention to their ears and listen for signs of interest such as licking, sniffing, or staring at you. You can also pay close attention to their eyes and look for the following signs of happiness.

wagging of tails

Dogs that wag their tails are pleased with you and want to please you. A dog that walks on its tiptoes is happy and alert. They may look up at you with curious eyes and raise their tail wagging. A dog that smiling is pleased and displays open mouth gestures. This happy posture will also show you their eyes, which are wide open.

circling the area

Other signs that your dog is happy to include circling the area you are visiting. A dog that wags its tail repeatedly while circling you is happy. A dog that pulls forward when you are near them, trying to get in front of you or stops their walk when you are near them is excited. They are excited to be with you.

pay attention to your pet’s signals

The most important thing to remember about dogs is that they use many different types of body language and facial expressions to communicate various things. Pay attention to your pet’s signals and you will know if he is happy, sad, tired, excited, or sick. If you observe your dog’s facial expressions and behavior closely enough, you will start to pick up on the signs of happiness or sadness. Pay attention to your pet and he will reward you for it.

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