How Did Healthcare Company Become One of the Top Ten Best Companies in Health Insurance?

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HCA Healthcare is an American non-profit operator of healthcare facilities, which was started in 1968. It is primarily focused on providing hospitals, nursing care centers and other healthcare services. As of today, it provides over five hundred healthcare centers throughout the United States of America. In its endeavor to serve various people in providing quality healthcare services, it has dedicated itself as a trusted name. It also tries as a pioneering partner of the medical community to make healthcare services better.

The healthcare company HCA is able to deliver a very high level of patient care by using advanced technologies, trained professionals and the latest equipment and tools. It has become one of the leading healthcare companies in the country with its trailing income of more than two billion dollars. This is made possible through its four healthcare chains. It has led the way to provide quality health care services to millions of people. It has eliminated the role of insurance companies and private payers in providing healthcare services. It has become a trusted name by providing low-cost healthcare services.

HCA Healthcare leads the industry

It also has branches in almost all the states of the U.S. With its extensive presence in different parts of the country, it offers affordable healthcare services to almost all the residents of the U.S. It has a chain of more than eighty hospitals and nursing homes, which provides health and medical care through a wide variety of services. It has its specialty hospitals like psychiatric unit, orthopedic surgery center, rehabilitation unit, cancer hospital and pediatric hospital. It further adds to its network by having a presence in other health centers including military hospitals.

It has one of the best healthcare management teams including Care Quality Commission (CPC), Health Care Management Association (HMA) and National Commission for Certifying Agencies of Healthcare (NCCA). The healthcare managers are equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to provide quality healthcare services to patients. The healthcare facilities provided by HCA include fully licensed hospitals and skilled nursing and medical staffs. In addition to this it has also twenty-eight outpatient clinics with a total of six hundred and seventy beds. It has also a network of skilled physicians who provide diagnostic and surgical care to its patients.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance

According to financial analysts, HCA is the fourth-largest publicly traded company in the healthcare industry with a market cap of more than nine billion dollars. As of now, it is the largest member of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance organization with a net worth of nearly three hundred billion dollars. To add further to its massive net worth, HCA is the largest owner of a number of nursing and medical facilities. With all these assets the company is experiencing an increase in net income.

However, according to some analysts, there is still a long way to go for HCA before it can challenge for the top position in the healthcare industry. Though it has made great achievements in the past, the healthcare market is becoming highly competitive and unpredictable. It has therefore, decided to diversify its portfolio by investing in several other companies. To ensure its consistent growth in terms of market cap and gross revenue, healthcare company HCA is diversifying into other industries like dental care, pharmaceuticals, home health care, personal healthcare, and others.

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