Flag Poles – Types and Materials

A flagpole is a flagpole consists of four poles that are attached by a supporting structure at the apex. The poles are usually made from aluminum or steel. Sometimes the flagpole is attached directly to the roof structure of the home. Flagpoles usually stand up to 100 feet high and are placed in back yards, front yards or places where there is a lot of traffic.

Types of flag poles


Flag poles are often used to display the national flags of the United States, as well as the flags of other nations. There are many types of flag poles for sale depending on their intended use. One type of flag pole is called the erect a flagpole, which is usually made of wood. It has the standard dimensions for flagpoles and is commonly used for commercial applications.

Another type of flag pole is the pent-headed flagpole, which is much longer and can reach heights of more than 100 feet. This flagpole is best suited for commercial uses such as flags for retail stores, apartment complexes, office buildings, and other similar structures. Pent-headed flag poles are usually reinforced with steel ribs to prevent the pole from breaking or causing damage to nearby buildings and trees. Some pent-headed flags have small drawers and are hung on the wall to provide an extra height.



Vinyl flag poles are not actually flags, but vinyl banners. They are made by applying a special acrylic coating to standard vinyl banners. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and are quite beneficial for outdoor advertising. The acrylic coating makes them almost indestructible, but allows the banner to be docked easily in most any situation. Most vinyl flag poles have a polyester exterior, and a polyurethane or gel-coat finish. These finishes are both highly beneficial for an outdoor advertising application and can provide years of trouble free service.

Fiberglass flagpoles are a relatively new product, and are gaining popularity due to their extreme durability and wind resistance. Fiberglass flagpoles tend to not require any maintenance, although some coatings may need to be applied periodically. Coatings help prevent the flagpole from breaking, buckling, or becoming damaged by wind. These coatings are generally supplied as a powder and mixed with water. Coatings are typically acrylic, epoxy, or fiberglass, and can be found in different density levels to allow for the most effective performance.

Aluminum flag poles are the heaviest of all flag poles, but offer the most durability. Aluminum pole sizes range from two-foot aluminum poles to six-foot fiberglass poles. Fiberglass flagpoles are the most popular, because they offer the least amount of distortion during wind conditions. Aluminum flagpole styles also offer the most versatility, as well as the best overall durability.

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