Eye Health Tips For Healthy Vision

Eye health is extremely important to good vision

A lack of good vision leaves many people with less than optimal eyesight and can lead to many other health problems, including vision loss. A few simple steps can lead to healthier eyesight and a better quality of life. Following these steps can save you money on glasses or contact lenses.

Good eye health begins with the foods you eat every day. The average person eats more than two thousand calories of food every day. Eye health begins with a balanced diet that is low in fat, sugar, salt and processed foods. You should look away from potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, fast food and chips dipped in fat, hydrogenated oils, processed cheese, tinned or bottled juices, margarine and fried foods, fried chickens and lean beef.

recommend a few lifestyle changes as well

Your eye care professional will advise you on what you should be eating. Many times they will also recommend a few lifestyle changes as well. If you smoke, stop. If you have a family history of eye disease or are prone to eye disease, such as cataract, you should take a vitamin supplement as well as taking vitamin supplements during the course of your annual eye exam.

Frequent eye strain is one of the most common causes for blurred vision. People who are constantly working at or going to work with computers are at a greater risk for blurred vision. People who grind their eyes, toss and turn, bend over or stand for long periods of time at the computer are also at a higher risk. If you don’t wear contact lenses on a regular basis, you should consider having them periodically to relieve the stress on the eyes.

Sitting at a computer screen can also cause dry eyes

People who sit at a desk for eight hours or more a day are at a higher risk for dry eyes. Sitting at a computer screen can also cause dry eyes. If you must sit at a computer screen for longer than five minutes, look away from the monitor and either tilt your head forward to keep the eyes open or get up and walk around the area that has the computer screen. Avoid constant contact with the computer screen.

Taking a good vision health vitamin every day can help keep the eyes healthy. The vitamins C and E, the minerals magnesium and phosphorus and the fatty acids linoleic and stearic acids can help keep the eye muscles healthy. They help keep the eyeball muscles relaxed. A healthy eyeball also helps keep the sinuses clear.

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