Essential Areas of Utility Brokers Services

The Contract Broker Exclusive Deals (CB ED) market is dominated by the Multi-Utilities Market Players like ERISA, GENESYS and SAPPHR. All the companies offer various types of services at competitive prices and the most important factor which determines the overall quote is the terms and conditions of the customer. The term “exclusive deal” refers to a specific contract which a particular Multi Utilities Company has with a particular contractor or vendor. In general the Contract Broker Exclusive Deals market includes the following:

Utility Brokers Services


o Contract Brokers Services. The primary function of the Contract Brokers Services is to create an exclusive contract between the two entities. The customer shall pay for the services which are offered but the main role of the Contract Broker is to make sure that the customer does not have to make any payment for the services which are offered. A particular company may be selected by the customer in order to gain access to a large number of companies or vendors. The customer may not be happy with the choice and hence, they have the option to change the provider to another company.


o Third Party Exclusive Deals. The third party exclusive deals normally relate to the maintenance, repair, installation and replacement of equipment of various types. The customer shall pay for the services only but the company shall provide the necessary training to the workers as well as the tools and material to perform the job. The third party contract shall provide all the details as to what the job and its requirements are and the price for such services.

o Service Brokers. The service brokering company shall act as a medium between the customer and the Contract Broker by negotiating on the behalf of the customer. There shall be no extra cost for the service brokering company and the customer will have to pay only for the actual services provided.

o Confidential Information. All the sensitive and confidential information shall be kept confidential and only one authorized person having full authority is allowed to access it. This person should be a member of the governing body and should be responsible for keeping the contract with the customer strictly confidential. The customer may terminate the contract at any time without penalty or obligation if the sensitive information is obtained in an illegal or improper manner. The terms shall clearly state that if the customer is unhappy with any aspect of the service then he/she has the complete right to end the contract within one month from the date of signing of the agreement.

o Personal Data Protection. This is a very important area in relation to the utility billing business. The personal data refers to the financial and other information about the customer. All the personal data shall be handled with great care and kept confidential and only the authorized representative of the company shall have access to the same.

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