Employment Lawyer – Why Is It A Good Idea To Use One?

Employment attorneys ensure that both employers and employees are treated fairly

An employment lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in employment law. He is responsible for protecting the interests of both employees and employers. Employment attorneys advise both employers and employees on the various federal and state employment laws which have been breached.  In addition to advising employers and employees, such an attorney is also instrumental when an employee files a case of wage theft against his employer.

Wage theft is an act of stealing money or benefits from an employer by an employee. It is a criminal offense, which attracts hefty penalties like fines and in many cases, even prison time. In order to protect the rights of their clients and tenants, employment lawyers have to ensure that the laws of the land are enforced. Such lawyers can be approached for advice on any issues which might arise during employment, including issues relating to hours of work, compensation and discipline.

Violating the law of overtime

Violating the law of overtime, minimum wage, vacation pay, and other statutes which specify the number of working hours in a day may amount to serious offenses. For example, an employer who violates the Florida Overtime Law by working more than 40 hours per week could be subjected to heavy fines. If an employee is subjected to such punishment, then it would be reasonable for him to approach an employment lawyer to enquire about possible avenues for claiming back wages and penalties.

Wage claims are a common feature in employment law. Under the law, an employee may proceed with the wage claim only after exhausting all possible means at his disposal. The first step towards pursuing a wage claim is filing a complaint. An employment lawyer who is well versed in Florida state laws and the laws of the US can help the employee to file the complaint. It would be wise to get legal advice from a good legal firm specializing in wage claims.

It is also important to note that there are certain activities which would not constitute

Similarly, employees who are subject to travel time restrictions often pursue such claims before an employment lawyer. Employers who restrict employees to specific times or areas may be in violation of the Florida Minimum Wage Act and are guilty of discharging their duty to make employees work within set hours. The rights of workers under the Florida Minimum Wage Act to receive a substantial minimum wage increase are not implicated when employers violate this law.

a breach of contract but which might be considered as negligence or bad manners. Florida labor lawyers usually do not take these cases unless there is a case of blatant disrespect for employees. For example, repeated calls to employees by owners or managers, persistent requests for lunch breaks, requests for raises to increase job losses, and similar conduct would normally constitute bad manners. An employee who has been discriminated against for reasons like race, gender, religion, national origin, age, or disability is an excellent candidate for a lawsuit. This is true whether the employer is conscious of such discrimination or not.

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