Economic War

Economic War and Christian Unction

Economic warfare is one of the major forms of hybrid warfare used by powerful nations in modern times. Although it has many definitions, most agree that it refers to the use of economic means to achieve political objectives. The goal of economic warfare may be to try to increase political influence over the information distribution or marketplace. Economic warfare can also be used to protect existing political interests, such as the ability of a country to maintain its currency or other assets.


Political economists call economic warfare,

also known as asymmetric warfare, political economy, or political conflict. Many political scientists distinguish between military and civilian economics, concentrating their attention on wages and employment rather than on distribution and production. However, political economists also note that total war is part of the definition. They note that total war often breaks out along major fronts, causing massive damage to infrastructure, causing deaths and displacements of populations, and causing radical political change.


Global Financial Disorder and the Growth of Economic War

In recent years there has been a serious debate within the Christian church over the issue of Economic War. Some Christians argue that economic wars are justified as “God’s” way of ensuring that the weak life whilst the strong prosper. Others point out that such actions are against the Word of God which states that God encourages peace and enables us to build a wall of love and security. If we follow the example set by Jesus, the Bible teaches that he went out into the desert to make people happy so that they would gladly follow him. Therefore, it would seem reasonable to conclude that God would also encourage economic freedom and peaceful commerce in the form of laissez-faire capitalism.


Although the laissez-faire capitalism

has some faults – protectionism for instance – it has been widely embraced by the international business community. Economic warfare is currently being used in an increasingly hostile manner in most parts of the world as corporations fight for market share. This type of economic warfare is not only occurring between countries, but also between individuals (i.e. businesses). For example, many large companies have recently started buying small businesses to prevent them from getting ahead and creating competition.


Economic warfare

is already happening in places like Greece, where the privatized banks have been nationalized and forced to open the books where they were found to be holding false accounts. Such behavior by the Greek banks is not being encouraged by the European Central Bank, whose interest is primarily in keeping the Eurozone as a successful monetary system. The outcome of this type of global trade war could be a total economic collapse. If Greece is not saved from this eventuality, then the only viable solution will be World War II. We can see what happens when the weak economic nation is invaded by the giant international conglomerate with the ability to send its soldiers into any country in the world with a one-way payment.


Will the Christian Right

in the United States of America do anything to stop this from happening? Probably not because the United States has been involved in every type of economic warfare in the past, whether it was the old cold war or the new hot war that is being fought today in the Middle East. Will the Christian Right apply their religious fundamentalism to stop this form of international economic warfare? Probably not because all of the other religions have always said that you are not to go to war with your brothers and sisters unless your family is one with them. Perhaps we should look at World War II and how the United States of America came to defeat the greatest military foe to ever confront the United States in its never-ending effort to remain the strongest nation in the world!

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