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Contact Lenses For The Presbyopia Patient

When you buy contact lenses, what should you look for in the package? If you’re like most people, you look for the brand name of the contact lens rather than the information that is displayed on the box. There are many ways to learn about the contact lens materials that make up your contact lenses. Here is a look at some of these options so that you can be informed before making your purchase.


How do you find out the moisture content of contact lenses?

Typically, you will find the moisture content listed on the packaging of your extended wear lenses. Here, you will also find what material makes up the rest of the contact lens and what ingredients make up the most of the extended wear lenses. In general, most people choose low moisture and high oxygen properties for their contacts because they prefer a comfortable feel and long wear time.


How do you know if the contact lenses are suitable for dry eyes?

First of all, you need to understand what happens to your eye when you wear contacts. When your eyes are dry, they are more susceptible to irritation. This leads to dry eyes and eye inflammation. To avoid this, choose a contact lens that contains a high amount of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid increases comfort and moisture.


Are there contact lenses made from silicone hydrogel or a silicone gel?

Silicone hydrogel and silicone gel are both examples of oxygen-permeable materials. They are often used in contact lenses because they increase oxygen permeability. So, when your eyes are dry, they do not have nearly as much oxygen to permeate, therefore, they do not feel as moist. Because of this, they do not require as much cleaning and can stay cleaner longer. However, silicone hydrogel lenses require more attention to stay clean and hygienic.


If you have eyes

that are already sensitive to some chemicals, like preservatives, some contact lenses may cause some irritation. For example, soft lenses made of silicone gel contain a substance called boracic acid. Unfortunately, some individuals suffer from eye irritations, especially when they rub their eyes with hands that have chemicals on them like lotions and soap.


It is important for contact lens wearers

to wash their hands before putting on their contacts. And, before putting them in, it is a good idea to remove any traces of lotion, soap, or cosmetics that may be on them. Contact lens wearers should also be aware that wearing contact lenses can make their eyes feel dry. To avoid this, wearers can place a small amount of petroleum jelly next to their eyes during the time that they are wearing their contacts. This will provide some moisture to the eyes without causing discomfort.

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