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Green Energy Investing

Rodman CPAs’ Green Team Talks Tax Incentives, Renewable Energy Investment At Lexington Wealth Management


Rodman CPAs’ Green Team recently outlined renewable energy federal and state incentives and investment opportunities during a presentation to Investment Advisors at Lexington Wealth Management, a boutique independent wealth management firm in Lexington, MA.

Turnbull government’s immature change to behind renewables


Malcolm Turnbull’s new Environment and Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg, has welcomed a disappearing purpose for spark in Australia’s destiny appetite mix, talked adult arguable immature energy, and sealed in a stream 23.5 per cent renewable appetite aim by 2020, in a noted change from a avowedly pro-coal tongue of a Abbott government.

And he has settled that new cost spikes in South Australia – where energies such as breeze and solar appetite make adult 40 per cent and of supply, and Tasmania where a figure is above to 90 per cent – were not only a error of high renewable appetite dependencies though to a “complex of factors” including a disaster of other appetite placement infrastructure such as Basslink, as good as a effects of drought, a cold snap, and high gas prices outset from unsound reserve and suppliers.

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Victoria’s biggest breeze plantation gets immature light

A $650 million breeze plantation nearby Dundonnell has been authorized and will be Victoria’s largest, with 96 turbines.

This, he said, could be addressed in partial by lifting “blanket moratoria” on new gas descent as practical now in Victoria and “parts of” New South Wales, and by technological advances in battery storage, that were entrance onstream.

“Now people have forked a finger during a increasing importance on renewables as a reason for what’s happened in South Australia, it’s a lot some-more formidable than that,” he pronounced nominating a ascent of a Heywood interconnecter as a poignant factor.

He pronounced a “intermittency” of renewable appetite had been a cause in cost peaks though not indispensably a categorical one, as many hoary fuel appetite advocates had concluded, nonetheless these events would obligate some low process assessment.

Mr Frydenberg has also changed to refinement his possess immature certification by rejecting critique of his twin portfolio responsibilities, that he shielded as, “two sides of a same coin”, while reinforcing a summary that he has never privately doubted a scholarship of anthropogenic meridian change, nor that a economy is transitioning divided from coal.

“It’s been speculated for many years that appetite process and meridian change process are dual sides of a same coin, and as a result, process meditative should be improved aligned and coordinated,” he said.

“There’s large changes holding place,” he said.

Incoming Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has flagged a noted change in instruction divided from hoary fuels. Photo: Philip Gostelow

“Eight out of a 12 emissions-intensive, coal-fire appetite stations in Australia, have sealed in a final 5 years, and so we see partial of my pursuit is to explain a changing face of appetite prolongation in Australia and during a same time ensuring that we can pierce uniformly ahead.”

Newly ensconced in his Parliament House ministerial bureau forward of Thursday’s initial full cupboard assembly given a post-election reshuffle, Mr Frydenberg told Fairfax Media it was apparent that a economy was in transition from a high-carbon outlay to a low one, that was “no bad thing”.

Critical to this is investment certainty, such as a influence of a inhabitant renewable appetite target.

“With a RET, that is 23.5 per cent by 2020, that’s set in stone, we wish to make that really clear, a RET is set in mill and a idea contingency be affordable, accessible, and arguable appetite supply as we transition to a lower-emissions future, that is what we see as my template for action,” he said.

“One of a large pitch factors in Australia’s ability to revoke a CO footprint is going to be record and while renewables now does deliver elements of few supply during certain levels, a improvements in battery storage give us good certainty in a future, that renewables, that should be taken adult in larger and larger amounts, can yield a arguable solid source of appetite supply”.

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Hillary’s Energy Policies: Enriching Wall Street Cronies | Somewhat … – Somewhat Reasonable


hillaryIn his less-than-enthusiastic publicity of Hillary Clinton as a Democrat’s choice for President, Sen. Bernie Sanders decried “Greed, recklessness, and bootleg behavior” and announced that we couldn’t let “billionaires buy elections.” Perhaps his antithesis examine group detected what we have about Clinton’s connectors with a really entities he despises: Wall Street—which he’s accused of “gambling trillions in unsure financial instruments;” and “huge financial institutions” that he says: “simply have too most mercantile and domestic appetite over this country.”

Wall Street and a “huge financial institutions” are Clinton allies—supporting both her debate and donating large bucks to a Clinton Foundation.

In a collection of Democrat National Committee (DNC) emails WikiLeaks done open on Jul 23, DNC Research Associate Jeremy Berns tells his colleagues: “She [Clinton] doesn’t wish a people meaningful about her relations on Wall Street.” He adds: “She wants to grasp coherence and a best approach to do that is to keep a people ignorant.”

For a past 4 years, I’ve collaborated with citizen activist/researcher Christine Lakatos (she’s been during it for 6 years) on what we’ve called: President Obama’s green-energy crony-corruption scandal. Together we’ve constructed a singular largest physique of work on a topic. In her blog, a Green Corruption Files, she posts her downright research—what we affectionately impute to as a drink-from-the-fire-hydrant version. I, then, use her examine to breeze an overview that is suitable for a infrequent reader.

More recently, a efforts have morphed to embody a Democrats’ presidential nominee, as Lakatos found a same people are her “wealthy cronies,” too.

In Lakatos’ most-recent, and final Green Corruption File, expelled on Jul 19, she states: “While there are countless ways we can ‘buy entrance to a Clintons,’ I’m usually going to bond a dots to a Green Gangsters, that we’ve already determined are abounding domestic pals of President Obama, as good as other high-ranking Democrats and their allies, who were awarded hundreds of billions of ‘green’ taxpayer cash.”

Her extensive report, is “devoted to proof over a reasonable doubt that a Democrat unreserved presidential nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is not on usually in bed with Big Money (Wall Street, the Uber-Richspecial interests groups and lobbyists) and Dark Money (Super PACS and Secret Cash), she’s also bankrolled and is in cahoots with––directly and by her father and her family foundation––the rich Green Gangsters, who are robbing U.S. taxpayers in sequence to ‘save a planet.’”

While a dozens of pages infer a impasse of names we know—like former clamp boss Al Gore, former Governor Bill Richardson, and billionaire donors Tom Steyer and Warren Buffett, and names we expected don’t know: David Crane, John Doerr, Pat Stryker, and Steve Westly—I’ve selected to prominence a Clinton’s Wall Street connectors that have benefited from a immature deals that were cut in a Obama White House and that will continue on if Clinton wins.

Lakatos points out: “Clinton’s ‘ambitious renewable appetite plans’ move distant beyond Obama’s immature idea that has been abundant with associate capitalism, corporate welfare, and corruption.” Along with some-more meridian rules, she “wants an open add-on for immature energy.” Remember a DNC’s central height includes: “the idea of producing 100 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2050” and “a call for a Justice Department to examine hoary fuel companies for misleading the open on climate change.”

Three Wall Street names of my limited-word-count concentration are Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Bank of America. Each is a top-contributing Clinton debate supporter and a Clinton Foundation donor. They have benefited from a hundreds of billions in taxpayers dollars given out for immature appetite projects by a Obama Administration. All 3 have expectations that Clinton will continue a immature programs put in place by a Obama administration.

Goldman Sachsdonated between $1 million to $5 million and a Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund has contributed between $250,000 to $500,000 to a Clinton Foundation.

As Lakatos forked out in prior reports, Goldman Sachs is connected, around several roles, to during slightest 14 companies and/or projects that won immature taxpayer cash––a add-on that exceeded $8.5 billion. One specific example: Goldman is credited as a “exclusive financial adviser” for a now broke Solyndra ($570.4 million loss). Then there is now-bankrupt SunEdison—an early Goldman Sachs investment. SunEdison received $1.5 billion in sovereign and state subsidies. And, in 2010, Goldman Sachs handled the IPO of supervision winner, Tesla Motors that was awarded $465 million from a Department Of Energy (DOE) ATVM program—they got most some-more if we cause in a state and internal subsides: $2,406,805,253 to be exact. Also, according to Goldman, “In May 2013, [they] helped lift over $1 billion in new financing for Tesla Motors.”

Citigroup/Citi Foundation—donated between $1 million to $5 million to a Clinton Foundation.

This large bank is connected to approximately $16 billion of taxpayer money. Lakatos, in 2013, reported that Citi was actively concerned in securing a 1703/1705 DOE loans; was a approach investor; and/or served as an underwriter for a initial open charity (IPO) of during slightest 16 of Citi’s clients that perceived some form of supervision subsidies. One immature association where Citi is a vital financier is SolarCity, that has been subsidized by several impulse funds, grants and sovereign taxation breaks during a balance equaling almost $1.5 billion. (Billionaire Elon Musk is CEO of Tesla and Chairman during SolarCity. He’s a Clinton Foundation donor ($25 million to $50 million) and Hillary supporter, too.)

Bank of America/Bank of America Foundationdonated between $500,000 to $1 million to a Clinton Foundation.

Bank of America, among other immature efforts, participated in Project Amp—a four-year, $2.6 billion devise to place solar panels on rooftops in 28 states. At a time, a Wall Street Journal reported: “Bank of America Merrill Lynch section will yield $1.4 billion in loans for a project,” of that “the financing is prejudiced of Bank of America’s devise to put $20 billion of collateral to work in renewable energy, charge and other purify technologies that residence meridian change.” In a final days of a DOE loan module (September 2011), a DOE awarded a prejudiced pledge of $1.4 billion loan to Project Amp. According to a press release, Bank of America increasing a second environmental business beginning from $50 billion to $125 billion in low-carbon business by 2025 by lending, investing, collateral raising, advisory services and building financing solutions for clients around a world.

It’s critical to remember that meridian change—which is a substructure of a immature agenda—is prejudiced of a Clinton Foundation’s mission statement: “In communities opposite a globe, a programs are proof that we can confront a debilitating effects of meridian change in a approach that creates clarity for governments, businesses, and economies.” Additionally, a Foundation’s coffers were enriched when Clinton and her State Department staff solicited contributions from unfamiliar governments to a Clinton Global Initiative, as we minute in a coverage of her purify cookstove campaign.

In further to Clinton’s apparent Wall Street connections, one of a many extraordinary realizations that can be gleaned from a news on Hillary’s Horrendous Hypocrisy, is a fact that these companies—some of that would not be in existence but a grants and taxation credits—that perceived millions in taxpayer dollars, took a income and gave it to a Clinton Foundation and to a Clinton Campaign. As was a box with Clinton Foundation donor/campaign fundraiser George Kaiser, these billionaires are creation remunerative profits, during taxpayer expense, from bankrupted immature companies like Solyndra.

In short, we, a taxpayers, are subsidizing a well-connected millionaires and billionaires—and Hillary Clinton is prejudiced of all of it. Meanwhile, she admonishes a normal American to fight meridian change by pushing reduction and shortening a personal use of electricity.

Bernie Sanders was right to be alarmed. Huge financial institutions do have too most domestic power. Wall Street billionaires are perplexing to buy Clinton a White House. In return, she’ll be certain their immature appetite investments compensate off for them by perfectionist that America go green.

The author of Energy Freedom, Marita Noon serves as a executive executive for Energy Makes America Great Inc., and a messenger educational organization, the Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE). She hosts a weekly radio program: America’s Voice for Energy—which expands on a calm of her weekly column. Follow her @EnergyRabbit.

Why Tech Giants Are Investing Billions In Green Energy


Amazon HQ

Investors could be forgiven for wondering if many of a biggest tech companies are perplexing to surpass one another on their immature appetite credentials. Firms like Amazon, Apple, and Google have all been creation singular announcements in new months that underlie how a views of a corporate universe are starting to develop on matters associated to appetite and a environment.

Notoriously sly Apple has been creation vital announcements recently braggadocio about a volume of immature appetite it is producing. Apple is actually formulation to start offered additional energy it is producing since it is producing so most some-more of it than it needs. The association also appears to be staid to pierce into regulating fuel cells in some of a products in a destiny according to some reports. The association has filed a patent, that covers a use of a specialized fuel dungeon complement to energy a Macbook for weeks during a time.

The thought would be a insubordinate one in computing as all other complicated electronic inclination work on some multiple of rechargeable batteries and AC power. The fuel dungeon complement would dramatically boost a portability and intensity for Apple’s Macbook, though it would also radically change how consumers correlate with their devices.

Amazon is building a 500 feet high bureau building in a downtown area of a city that includes a array of geodesic domes that will accompany a tower. Amazon is building a array of 100 feet high architecture made buildings around a domicile tower. These domes will open in 2018 and horde hundreds of opposite devise class from around a world. The thought is to give Amazon employees a place to travel among a greenery in cessation bridges, or reason meetings in hulk birds nest like structures in trees. Amazon is doing all of this in hopes of improving worker capability by a artistic operative environment, though a space has poignant energy advantages as well. Related: Oil Bust Takes Its Toll On Alberta, Amount Of ‘Orphans’ Increases By 45%

Now Google is creation news associated to an unorthodox use for a new DeepMind synthetic comprehension acquisition. DeepMind’s tech is exclusive of course, though formed on a accessible information, it appears that a record radically uses a form of linear programming optimization. The association is regulating these techniques around DeepMind to revoke energy expenditure by utilizing energy use from mechanism servers and cooling apparatus to cut electrical use by 15 percent. Google expected pays somewhere between $25 and $40 per MWh of electricity, and a association reported that in 2014 (prior to a DeepMind acquisition) that it used 4.4 million MWh of electricity.

As a result, Google substantially saved somewhere between $16 and $26 million in cost this year. Over time that sum will continue to amass interjection to a DeepMind improvements. This represents between a 2-4 percent lapse on Google’s roughly $600M squeeze cost (400M GBP) of a subsidiary. Of march that lapse excludes any advantages to Google’s core business lines, etc.

Overall it’s not transparent if tech companies are truly competing with one another to attract credit with socially obliged investors, or if these projects are economically appealing endeavors that would be followed eccentric of any environmental benefits. Regardless, it is transparent that a tech giants see a advantage to themselves, their investors, and a environment. Given that, it is expected there will be some-more innovative immature tech applications in business in a future.

By Michael McDonald of Oilprice.com

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Democratic Platform Vows To Meet Climate Challenge with Good-Paying Jobs, Lower Cost Energy from Green …


The Democratic Party strictly adopted their 2016 platform at their inhabitant gathering in Philadelphia on Jul 25th. The appetite and sourroundings territory is titled “Combat Climate Change, Build a Clean Energy Economy, and Secure Environmental Justice.” It starts with this statement: “Climate change is an obligatory hazard and a defining plea of a time.”

The plea doesn’t indeed seem to be most of a challenge, given a height claims that rebellious it by producing “50 percent of a electricity from purify appetite sources within a decade, with half a billion solar panels commissioned within 4 years and adequate renewable appetite to appetite each home in a country” will emanate “millions of good-paying center category jobs” and “save families and businesses income on their appetite bills.”

“Democrats trust that CO dioxide, methane, and other hothouse gases should be labelled to simulate their disastrous externalities, and to accelerate a transition to a purify appetite economy and assistance accommodate a meridian goals.” However, putting a cost on emissions does not meant a CO tax, that is not mentioned, nonetheless a height does contend that they “support regulating each apparatus accessible to revoke emissions now.” These stairs embody a supposed Clean Power Plan, fuel potency standards for automobiles and heavy-duty trucks, and aloft appetite potency standards in building codes and appliances.

As for environmental justice, Democrats “will work to enhance entrance to cost-saving renewable appetite by low-income households, emanate good-paying jobs in communities that have struggled with appetite poverty, and conflict efforts by utilities to extent consumer choice or delayed purify appetite deployment.”

Although renewable appetite apparently saves us money, “Democrats trust a taxation formula contingency simulate a joining to a purify appetite destiny by expelling special taxation breaks and subsidies for hoary fuel companies as good as fortifying and fluctuating taxation incentives for appetite potency and purify energy.”

Democrats vouch to demarcate oil prolongation in a Arctic and off a Atlantic seashore and to “phase down descent of hoary fuels from a open lands,” while operative “to enhance a volume of renewable appetite prolongation on sovereign lands and waters.”

The height pointedly mentions twice that Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has called meridian change a “hoax.” Trump has also betrothed to stop appropriation a UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and repel a U.S. from a Paris Climate Treaty. Democrats, on a other hand, “are committed to a inhabitant mobilization, and to heading a tellurian bid to muster nations to residence this hazard on a scale not seen given World War II.” Mobilization will start in a initial 100 days of a subsequent administration when “the President will assemble a limit of a world’s best engineers, meridian scientists, process experts, activists, and inland communities to draft a march to solve a meridian crisis.”

In further to ancillary corporate avowal of meridian risk, “Democrats also respectfully ask a Department of Justice to examine allegations of corporate rascal on a partial of hoary fuel companies indicted of dubious shareholders and a open on a systematic existence of meridian change.”

Super Green Solutions combines technology, construction


When Glen Schrandt went looking for a tiny business to own, he deliberate utterly a few options.

Opening a Super Green Solutions authorization appealed to him since it concerned record and construction, dual fields in that he has worked.

“It took about a year and a half to make a final call,” he said. “We kept entrance behind to this authorization a some-more we looked around.”

Super Green Solutions sells a accumulation of energy-efficient products designed for residential, blurb and institutional customers, from LED lighting to solar panels, breeze turbines, prohibited H2O heaters and inclination that urge a potency of other machines.

“There’s literally no patron out there that we can’t assistance with some of a products,” Schrandt said. “We understanding with everybody.”

Schrandt and his wife, Erika, non-stop a authorization Jan. 18. She is a infancy owner, that can assistance it with certain business opportunities, though Schrandt runs it while she helps with a bookkeeping and completes her master’s grade in nursing.

Schrandt pronounced he spent about 25 years in a IT business and a decade in construction before that. A internal of northwest Kansas, he graduated from Fort Hays State University before earning a master’s grade from Wichita State University.

So far, Schrandt said, a woman-owned business nomination hasn’t helped many since “most of a jobs are not supervision affiliated.”

Currently, one of a business’ many renouned products is a device called Energy Squared, that acts as a heat examine for walk-in coolers and freezers in restaurants and other food operations.

The device monitors a heat of products in a cooler or freezer rather than a atmosphere inside. That keeps condensers from kicking on each time a doorway is non-stop and a bit of warmer atmosphere enters.

“You’re not using compressors for 10 mins to cold that atmosphere down,” Schrandt said. “It eliminates all a brief cycles.”

And in doing so, Schrandt said, a device can reduce appetite costs by adult to 30 percent and compared upkeep costs by twice that. The device can compensate for itself in 6 to 13 months, he said.

Although Super Green Solutions is formed in West Palm Beach, Fla., a company’s origins are in Australia. The initial authorization in a United States non-stop in 2012, and there are now 45 locations worldwide, Schrandt said. The nearest authorization is one about to open in Denver.

Schrandt pronounced he works with a network of internal plumbers, electricians and solar technicians to implement a products his store sells. He employs one salesman besides himself.

The business is located in 1,200 block feet in a Reflection Ridge selling center. Schrandt pronounced he keeps small register on palm though there are some product samples in a showroom, that he called “more of a training center.”

“The salon is for we to come in, perspective a products, hold them, ask questions,” he said. “We can take them outward and hang ’em in a object and uncover (customers) how it works.

“We try to teach people with a showroom.”

Super Green Solutions

Address: 7348 W. 21st St., Suite 108

Phone: 316-765-7773

Owner: Glen and Erika Schrandt

Website: supergreensolutions.com

QIC and AGL give large boost to renewable appetite aim | afr.com



Tony Boyd

Ross Israel from QIC and Andy Vesey from AGL Energy are a new multiply of renewable appetite evangelists. 

They perspective Australia’s renewable appetite aim as an event to beget a mainstream contention about decarbonisation of Australia’s appetite generation, while during a same time pioneering new methods of financing for vast scale solar and breeze projects. 

Vesey, who is arch executive of AGL, believes Australia is nonetheless to severely residence a elemental doubt of how to solve a problem of an oversupplied appetite era market. He takes each event in open forums to prominence a antithesis between a need to accommodate a renewable appetite aim during a same time as oversupply is pushing down a indiscriminate cost of power. 

Creative solutions to this emanate will engage formidable negotiations between coal-fired appetite era companies, sovereign and state governments, and communities. These large constructional changes contingency be negotiated in tandem with a new proceed to a government of a brew of renewables in a inhabitant electricity network. 

Turnbull government’s green shift to back renewables


Malcolm Turnbull’s new Environment and Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg, has welcomed a declining role for coal in Australia’s future energy mix, talked up reliable green energy, and locked in the current 23.5 per cent renewable energy target by 2020, in a marked change from the avowedly pro-coal rhetoric of the Abbott government.

And he has stated that recent price spikes in South Australia – where energies such as wind and solar power make up 40 per cent plus of supply, and Tasmania where the figure is above to 90 per cent – were not solely the fault of high renewable energy dependencies but to a “complex of factors” including the failure of other energy distribution infrastructure such as Basslink, as well as the effects of drought, a cold snap, and high gas prices arising from inadequate supplies and suppliers.

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Victoria’s biggest wind farm gets green light

A $650 million wind farm near Dundonnell has been approved and will be Victoria’s largest, with 96 turbines.

This, he said, could be addressed in part by lifting “blanket moratoria” on new gas extraction as applied currently in Victoria and “parts of” New South Wales, and through technological advances in battery storage, which were coming onstream.

“Now people have pointed the finger at the increased emphasis on renewables as the reason for what’s happened in South Australia, it’s a lot more complex than that,” he said nominating the upgrade of the Heywood interconnecter as a significant factor.

Incoming Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has flagged a marked change in direction away from fossil fuels. Photo: Philip Gostelow

He said the “intermittency” of renewable energy had been a factor in price peaks but not necessarily the main one, as many fossil fuel energy advocates had concluded, although these events would necessitate some deep policy assessment.

Mr Frydenberg has also moved to burnish his own green credentials by rejecting criticism of his dual portfolio responsibilities, which he defended as, “two sides of the same coin”, while reinforcing the message that he has never personally doubted the science of anthropogenic climate change, nor that the economy is transitioning away from coal.

“It’s been speculated for many years that energy policy and climate change policy are two sides of the same coin, and as a result, policy thinking should be better aligned and coordinated,” he said.

“There’s massive changes taking place,” he said.

“Eight out of the 12 emissions-intensive, coal-fire power stations in Australia, have closed in the last five years, and so I see part of my job is to explain the changing face of energy production in Australia and at the same time ensuring that we can move smoothly ahead.”

Newly ensconced in his Parliament House ministerial office ahead of Thursday’s first full cabinet meeting since the post-election reshuffle, Mr Frydenberg told Fairfax Media it was obvious that the economy was in transition from a high-carbon output to a low one, which was “no bad thing”.

Critical to this is investment certainty, such as the retention of the national renewable energy target.

“With our RET, which is 23.5 per cent by 2020, that’s set in stone, I want to make that very clear, the RET is set in stone and the goal must be affordable, accessible, and reliable energy supply as we transition to a lower-emissions future, that is what I see as my template for action,” he said.

“One of the big swing factors in Australia’s ability to reduce its carbon footprint is going to be technology and while renewables now does introduce elements of intermittent supply at certain levels, the improvements in battery storage give us great confidence in the future, that renewables, which should be taken up in greater and greater amounts, can provide a reliable steady source of energy supply”.

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